Broomkaia Productions was established in Mexico City in 1991 as Estudios Goblin by recording engineer Jimena Moheno. Until 1996 various different music genera were produced there: rock, heavy metal, funk, jazz, folklore, ambient etc.. Musicians and artists recorded full CD productions and demos, from radio casters and jingles as well.

At the end of 1997 the facilities had to expand and upgrade due to customer repeat business and customers recommending the studio to other musicians and artists. With this upgrade and expansion, BroomKaia Producciones was born. From 1999 until 2005 Broomkaia Producciones continued to offer recording facilities and musical production, and, in other cases bringing support to musicians and recording artists as an executive producer.

At the end of 2005 doors opened and opportunities arose to move to Finland and a new beginning for Broomkaia Producciones commenced in the tranquil municipality of Lieto, Finland. For two years the studio was not offering services since the whole moving from Mexico City to Lieto started, the design of what has now become BroomKaia Productions began in November 2007, and the construction ended March 2009.

Now in the year 2010 BroomKaia Productions opens it's doors again in Lieto, Finland, offering full digital recording environment services on ProTools HD2 system, operated by recording engineer Jimena Moheno-Pesonen.

For additional information on services, recording equipment and facilities, lineup, the number of songs, desired services, such as composing, producing, etc. please send a message to recording engineer Jimena Moheno-Pesonen.







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